Jan 2, 2010

Weekend Update

I forgot to mention two other Freebies in my last Freebie report, and I see Flying Aces had a rather nice update done to it to greatly improve the game's touch response. I have updated that review and you can find it here.

Alien Attack is a good Space Invaders style shoot 'em up. It has a few glitches on the Droid, but none that make it unplayable (essentially it's got issues because of screen size support). The game features a few means of control such as using tilt to move the gun (my preference) and plenty of power ups. And at 'free' this game is certainly worth checking out if you need another of this style of shooter.

Which Is Different is a simple puzzle game where you have 10 seconds to determine which picture is different. They just released an update with 20 new photos which is the main shortcoming of this type of game... eventually you'll run out of photos you have not solved. There was also a bug when I played it and it would occasioanlly show 3 gray squares and the photo that was different making the puzzle a bit easier (don't know if that was fixed), but the game has certainly provided plenty of entertainment for a freebie and it's the kind of game everyone wants a crack at in order to prove superior intellect.

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