Jan 1, 2010

Armageddon Squadron

Armageddon Squadron is my third review of a game from Polarbit and it's nice to start the New Year off with this kind of quality.

But first there's one thing that starting to tick me off about my Droid and it is the memory swap game Google has forced us to play with their Android OS. You know... you actually want more than 10 quality games on your phone, but given that you can't actually use the 16 GB card you paid for you're forced to delete the game you're least likely to use right now in favor of the new game. And on top of that you can't even upgrade app storage space if you want to. My phone now has the eternal "out of space" icon on it, I'm constantly having to juggle apps, and it appears that text messages get dropped when the low storage space icon rears its ugly head.
Weighing in at around 17 MB this game hasn't helped matters, but that's not the game's fault...infact I applaud the willingness to create great games despite the memory requirements and this game is great! Armageddon Squadron puts you in the cockpit of a WW II plane on a mission to destroy all enemy targets. You use the accelerometer for great control (both horizontal and vertical) and have a few touch screen buttons that allow you to control your speed, fire, and change weapons between machine guns, missiles (for dog fights) and bombs. As you change weapons your perspective will change so that, for example, when you're bombing a ground target you are given a better view. Nice!

The game offers a 12 mission campaign (of which I've played through 3) and essentially an open play mode where you can configure a match to your liking. The graphics and sound meet Polarbit's high standards and the game itself is a lot of fun to play. One of my favorite games of all time was the original Ace Combat on the Playstation and this is that same style of game with 100% arcade style game play and a focus on fun over realism.

Polarbit still has a couple of titles that I need to review (and I'm really looking forward to War Zone), but if I had to rank the three I've reviewed so far it would be Armageddon Squadron, followed by Raging Thunder, and then Iron Sight. As it stands this game is outstanding and I get giddy when I see a new polarbit title released for the Android. PLEASE support these guys with your $$$ and show companies like EA and Gameloft that the sales are there when quality titles are released.

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  1. Try using the Astro File Manager. It let's you backup apps to your sd card, which you can then uninstall to save space. Reinstalling is pretty quick so it wouldn't really effect gameplay time.

    2.2 is rumored to have the ability to install apps to your sd card. Or you could root to be able to do that now.