Jan 12, 2010

Roll or Don't

A while back I reviewed a free game called Push Your Luck. Roll or Don't is essentially a commercial version of this game and is another knockoff of the Sid Sackson game called Can't Stop.

Can't Stop is a push your luck, dice rolling game in which all of the possible numerical combinations from rolling two six sided dice are shown on a board (2-12). Each has a certain number of spaces that takes to complete it based on the probability of rolling the number (i.e. 2 has far few spaces needed to complete it than a 7 which is the most probable roll from the dice). On your turn you roll four dice and can use them in pairs any way you want to provided that you are making progress towards completing 3 of the columns. If your roll can not produce any of the three numbers you are working towards you bust, lose any progress made, and your turn is over. For example, I could roll a 3, 4, 5, 6 and have either a 7,11 pair or an 8, 10 pair or even 2 9's. Povided that at least one of those is a number I am working on in the current turn I gain the progress and can choose to stop or roll again and risk busting.

While Push Your Luck is well done and is a good first look at this type of game Roll or Don't is a superior version with three different styles of AI. With Push Your Luck I would always win. My win rate with this on the default settings is 29%. Roll or Don't also features several rules variations to play and can choose to play with less than four players. I'm very happy to see this make the jump from other platforms to the Android OS. If you liked Push Your Luck then you'll love this game.

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