Jan 12, 2010


Last week I reported on a free game called Tetris for Android that was pretty poor in terms of quality. One of the comments I received pointed me to Androtris. Androtris is only $1 and I said I'd be willing to pay that for a decent Android Tetris clone and, furthermore, that I didn't want to shell out $5 for EA's having purchased Tetris so many times for so many systems in the past.

After pulling down the full version of Androtris I have to agree. This is a well done Tetris game. First, it features two modes of play... the usual "play 'til you drop" mode and a versus mode where you compete against your Android (and it's quite challenging). Second, I really like the touch screen control and if you don't agree there's still keyboard control available. The game also plays in both portrait and landscape mode, although portrait mode seems to work best given the need to have a narrow, but tall playing field.

About the only thing this doesn't have is some catchy music. I really think the Gameboy version's music had something to do with it's success. It was almost like a charm spell being cast over me. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a great Tetris clone on your Android on the cheap look no further than Androtris.

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