Jan 14, 2010

Homerun Battle 3D

I was ecstatic to see Homerun Battle 3D has made the leap from iPhone to Android. This game and I have a history together as it was among the five most played games on my iPod Touch. How can a simple Home Run Derby style game be that much fun? Well, let me tell you...

First, the controls are great. It uses the accelerometer to allow you to move your bat in an effort to make maximum contact with the ball through both tilts and twists. Next, you can click anywhere on the screen to take a swing. And the results feel right... swing too early and you'll pull the ball foul outside of the left field marker. I only wish this batting style could be incorporated into a real baseball game.

Second, the graphics, sound, and music are all great! Even the intro screen screams quality. This is how Android games should be done!

Third, the game has lots of modes and a global leaderboard. You're not just competing with yourself... you're competing with everyone that owns the game.

Finally, as you play you'll pick up "gold balls" by completing various goals and hitting the last ball for a home run. These allow you to buy upgrades... shoes, shirts, sunglasses, bats... etc. And these upgrades let you hit more home runs. Yep, that's how that top entry got to be so high. And this is what makes the game addictive.

If I didn't own this game I would have gasped at paying $5 for a home run contest, but having picked it up on the cheap for the iPod I knew it was well worth $5. If you have the least bit of baseball fan in you you'll have a lot of fun with this game. The only drawback is because it's good it's also huge at 22 mb of storage. I'm getting very tired of shuffling games because the Android OS is messed up with regard to storing apps and as games get big like this it's got to be a hit against Android Market sales. This needs to be fixed NOW! It's probably the most critical flaw on the Android wth regard to gaming.

Buy this! And here's to hoping for more games from Com2US!

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