Jan 29, 2010

10 Coins

Yesterday I reviewed 3-Point Shootout 3D and today I'm reviewing 10 Coins from the same publisher (Steap Ahead Studios). As stated in yesterday's review I'm doing this because if you're into this style of game then 10 Coins is your better choice.

First, 10 Coins is based around everyone's favorite street game. I find that hard to believe given that I've never heard of this game before. The screen shots made it look like pitching pennies and it is similar to that, but in this case you start with a bet. Then a stack of coins is placed and you throw a disc at them attempting to cover coins with the disc. Any coins that you cover are yours and the player that collects the most coins win. Simple enough!

What sets this game apart is the control scheme... you move your finger around to control your aim as indicated on the aiming dial. Then you press a button to power your shot... much like many of the golf video games. This yields far more interesting control over the disc. I'd also have no problem with swiping controlling everything if the speed of my swipe controlled its power... in fact that would be a nice option. I just don't get why nobody (correct me if I'm wrong) does that.

The game offers solo play with 3 difficulty levels and hot seat play against a pal along with a tutorial mode. It also offers global high score leaderboards. For about a dollar and a half this game has provided much more enjoyment when it comes to aiming and tossing something at a target. It's certainly not a stellar hit, but it has been enjoyable to play. Check out the video for more detail...

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