Jan 19, 2010

Tilt Maze

As mentioned in last week's Freebie Friday, Tilt Maze is a puzzle game that sounds like it is going to be another Labyrinth clone. I figured I'd be tilting my Droid to solve mazes, but that's not the case. Instead the game features a maze, a ball, and one or more spaces that you have to roll over. Movement is done by pressing arrows on a virtual DPad on the Android's touch screen and when your ball moves it moves in a line until it bumps into a wall and is forced to stop, and that's the challenge. You can't take turns... you have to travel the full length of a passageway. The early puzzles are simple and you can almost cheat by simply doing them backwards. The real challenge comes from the more sophisticated game modes where you have multiple balls that you have to work with.

My overall opinion of this game is that it:
  • Wasn't what I was expecting.
  • It was different.
  • It was challenging.
  • I'm getting SICK of puzzle games.
And that last one is the biggie for me. At a dollar this game is worth it, but only if you're in need of another puzzle game to balance your vast collection of Android puzzle games. Some puzzle games are particularly well done and generate merit from that (Papa Stacker is a good example of that) and some are different enough to warrant attention. This is neither... and it's not bad... it's just another average puzzle game. And if you're considering creating a new puzzle game for the Android please contemplate the countless puzzle games that already exist and ask yourself why.

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  1. i can't solve sychronized level 13 *sad face*