Jan 28, 2010

3-Point Shootout 3D

3-Point Shootout 3D is a game in the same vein as Mini Shot Basketball which was reviewed a month or so ago. In this game you're goal is to shoot as many baskets as possible in a fixed amount of time. While Mini Shot Basketball's graphics attempt to emulate those basketball games you find in arcades or at Chuck E Cheese's this game tries to reproduce the feel of a real basketball court and has you making baskets from 5 different angles. The graphics are pretty and the crowd cheers you on, but ultimately the game suffers the same demise that Mini Shot does and that's that the controls are just plain boring. In order to make a basket all you need to do is draw a straight line of reasonable length towards the basket. Quite frankly, the five shooting angles are meaningless aside from prettiness. I played around with shorter lines and longer lines... flicking faster and slower... and intentionally missing to the left and right. There's certainly plenty of opportunity to not make a straight line and miss wide of the net, but the speed of your flick doesn't seem to mean much of anything as best as I could tell as it it doesn't seem possible to miss short or overshoot the basket. I did determine that, as stated, the flick does have minimum length requirements.

My other issue with this game has to do with swish shots and that's that visually I can't tell that those are going in the basket other than seeing my score increase. While the game does a good job of animation as the ball bounces on the rim there is absolutely no feel for it going through the net. But what do I expect for a game that costs under a dollar? My ultimate recommendation, however, is that you save your dollar for something better. This game grows tiring rather quickly. And if you MUST have it please wait until after tomorrow's review of the same company's "10 Coins" game. It costs a tad more, but is in the same genre as this one and is MUCH, MUCH better.

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