Sep 8, 2010

Twitter Feed Called 'meandmydroid' Now Active

All right... we're all set up on Twitter as 'meandmydroid'. A synopsis of all reviews and news will be auto-tweeted over there so hopefully that will make keeping up with our regular game reviews an easier task.

And hopefully you've noticed that we've added the ability to easily report content of interest directly on Facebook, Twitter, ...etc via the button bar at the bottom of each post.

And the new QR codes (if you don't know what these are: they're the squareish shaped bar codes and you can use the Android app appropriate called 'Barcode Scanner' to scan them and easily navigate directly to the reviewed game in the Market). It's pretty neat and we're seeing more and more QR codes in our daily lives. I see Best Buy is using them in their advertising now.

And the minor change to the site's layout.

As always, I'm open to any feedback you might have...


  1. I develop a darts game called Droid Darts, can you make a review of it?

  2. I try to review as many titles as I can. Hopefully soon. - Thanks, Alan