Sep 14, 2010

Soccer Superstars Now Available

I'm pleased to see that Gamevil's Soccer Superstars is now available for Android owners. First impressions are very favorable although the controls will take a bit of getting used to. I'm also trying to figure out if I can use my hardware DPad and keyboard with it effectively. The graphics look good although the players are tiny, the sound is great, and it's got a nice tutorial that explains the game. Look for a full review soon...


  1. I've been playing FIFA '10 for the last few weeks, but am getting increasingly frustrated with the controls. It'll be good to try something alternative to get a comparison, although I suspect that the 2 games are going for very much a different feel.

  2. Funny you mention it... FIFA '10 no longer shows up in the Market for me. I've been wondering if EA Mobile was pulling a Gameloft. And yes, I agree. I think FIFA is trying to be more of a sim and Soccer Superstars is trying to be an action game.