Sep 13, 2010

Soccer Says - Mini Review

The full version of Soccer Says is currently a Market freebie. It bills itself as a Simon Says clone although I suspect they mean a clone of the old Simon electronic game. Simon Says is a kid's game that simply involves a player dictating actions to other players that they are only allowed to do if the command is preceded with "Simon Says". The Simon electronic game, on the other hand, is a pattern memorization game in which colored segments light up along with a tone in sequence and you have to replay the sequence by pressing on these same segments (which also serve as buttons). Honestly, I'd not have ever tried this if it wasn't free, but I'm glad I have. First, it's very well done with nice music and a soccer theme. You get a yellow card for your first failure and then a red card if you fail again at which point it's game over. The play area, instead of being four quarters of a circle, is the five hexes on a pictured soccer ball. The game has four levels... two that my memory is apparently too shot to unlock... and in the second level the ball spins. A spinning ball means you also have to keep track of where the first part of a sequence is and you'll have to remember the others as relative to that. It's a bigger deal than it sounds. I suspect that the third and fourth levels offer something even more intricate.

qrcodeIf you're looking for a memory game or a game your kids can play that will help their memory then this is a great choice and, currently, the price is right. My only gripe is that it's got ads so it's not 100% free. In fact, I'd be a little upset if I paid for this and it had ads. Perhaps they're experimenting with a new business model... that I do not know. But I do know the game itself does what it's intended to very well. If you liked Simon or just want a nice, newmemory game then go get it while it's still free!

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  1. I was really feverish when it works on my G1 phone. I also have an iphone but the transition ands navigation is way too cool with G1! Thanks a lot!