Sep 21, 2010

Camel Games Freebies Galore!

Edit 3: Yesterday was an attempt at 'free for a day' apps, but the Android Market doesn't support that very well according to Camel. Ultimately it sounds like an experiment that didn't work out. The QR Codes below are for the lite versions of their games and will be left up so you can try them.

Edit 2: And we appear to be back to a paid full version and an ad supported, limited demo version with 'updates' just waiting for me. I have a query in to find out what's going on.

Edit: A Market search on 'Camel Games' no longer includes these titles. Using the QR Codes (with the Barcode Reader app in the Market) DOES still let you get them. Apparently they have all gone the 'Ad Supported' route and their titles changed with a suffix of (Ad) to represent that.

Holy Mackerel, Batman! Last week Open Feint joins the Android family. This week Camel Games decides to make Shoot U!, Flight Director, and Blow Up all free!? What next?

All three of these games are great, support App2SD, and now deserve a place on your smartphone. Go get 'em!!!

Shoot U! QR CodeBlow Up QR Code
Flight Director QR Code


  1. Great, thanks for letting us know

  2. Not free anymore. They updated them to turn them into lite versions that's not right.

  3. So it's right for them to become free, but not right for them to revoke that? I understand the frustration and I know Camel recognizes that this is their mistake and wishes they could undo it all. We are only talking about $5 or so for all 3 of these games and they are all well worth their asking price. Let's give a dev that has stood by the Android since the early going a break.

  4. It's absolutely not right to revoke it. If you offer something for free and then take it away...that's fine but you don't take away the free game that people already downloaded and deceivingly turn it into a lite version. They offered a sale if you will and then screwed you. You have to admit that's shady practices. I bought other games from them and I'm not crying about the cash. I spent almost $200 in the android market and the principal of what they did and how.they did it is crap. Other companies have had sales and put games on sale for free for a limited time and didn't pull these shenanigans. They'll get no more money from me and I.hope.they stop.supporting the android market. We don't need their kind here. Just my opinion. To top it all off...I got an email from them saying android doesn't support free app a day so that's why it happened. Now that makes no sense at all. It was a sale for.goodness sake.....good grief.

  5. Nice freedom of the press website...not posting my last comment. Yore a,fraud just like camel games. Don't bite the hand that feeds

  6. a) Very gutsy with the last comment, 'Anonymous'. You think I sit at my computer 24/7 just waiting to approve your comments? I do sleep, eat, work, ...etc.

    b) Bite the hand the feeds me? Do you think this blog feeds me? Do you think this blog generates any real income for me??

    c) I respect the different opinions on the Camel situation and I'm sure there's a line of people that would agree with you. They did screw up and they admit it. And it does stink that one day you think you're getting a game for free and the next day there's an update that takes that away.

  7. Have to agree with Anonymous on his first post.

    It's not right to revoke the games. It's fine, to stop offering them for free, but revoking the given away full games to the light version is not right.

    Without telling the user, like they did is a very very bad move!

    This is a total screwup on their side!