Sep 16, 2010

A Few Android Game Sales (Updated)

It's been a big week for Android gaming with new support from Open Feint and several new games along with it and then the announcement that Madden '11 is coming to Android. What could make it bigger other than some game sales? Not too much this week...

MiniSquadron! - $0.99 until 9/19 [Great little 2D shooter and there's a demo version too]
Air Hockey - 0.50 pound (about $0.80) down from 0.68 pound [Not too big a discount here]
Fruit Pirate (3D) - $0.99 from $1.99 [Matching Fruit Ninja's low price... just as good and does App2SD]
Overkill - 0.75 euros (about $1.00) down from 1.99 euros [A solid 2D space shooter]
4 Player Reactor - 1.99 pound (about $3.20) down from 2.50 pound [A great little multi-player game]
Saint - $0.99 down from $1.99 [Looks like a good overhead shooter]

Added since initial posting

NumNom - $0.99
Pocket Racing - 1.25 pounds (about $2.00) down from 2.49 pounds
Blackjack Attack - $1.99 down from $2.99

Know of more? Let us know about it...

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