Sep 10, 2010

Android Game Sales - Sept 10, 2010

Soccer Says - Currently FREE for a limited time (down from $.99)
Puzzle Blox - 0.99 euros (about $1.30) down from 2.95 euros
Dead End - $.99 down from $2.99 (Reviewed here)
MazeBall-Soccer - 0.64 pounds (about $1.00) from 1.20 pounds (Reviewed here)
Tiki Towers - $1.99
Crusade of Destiny - $4.99 from $5.99 (Reviewed here)
4 Player Reactor - 2.50 pounds (about $4.00) from 3 pounds (Reviewed here)
BubbleS Shooter (not to be confused with Bubble Shooter) -  0.69 euros from 1 euro
Syrious Blasts! - $0.99
Gem Laser - 0.99 euros (Looks interesting)
and I guess I should mention that Angry Birds has a FREE Beta available now. This has been the #1 game on the iPhone although I can't figure out why. Cuteness? But with over a quarter million downloads I have to be missing something... and it's great to see that an Android game can generate that kind of interest. Now I want to see how well a paid version sells.
Now it's time for my weekly plea that you share about this website with your Android loving friends! After all, they would do it for you.

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