Sep 16, 2010

Carrom 3D Pro - Update

Two of the biggest differences with mobile gaming and console gaming are:
  • There's no used market (and the vendors love that you can't sell your purchased games... in fact, that's one reason they are less expensive).
  • There's ample opportunity to release updated versions. Sometimes they never come... sometimes they do.
Occasionally a developer sticks with their game and ultimately 'wows' me with what feels like a totally different game. Carrom 3D just 'wowed' me... no, make that 'wowed!!!'. I haven't checked it out since I wrote the review of Carrom 3D here (click on the link), but these guys have....
  • Eliminated my control issues entirely from what I can tell.
  • Added pool to the mix of games.
  • Beautified the menu system.

 It's often too easy to steam ahead and not look at updates to games from the past. This one deserves a second look unless, of course, you haven't even taken a first look. 5/5 stars.


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