May 14, 2010


As you may have heard, Sprint is releasing their new, powerhouse 4G Android phone on June 4th. My two wishes are that it would ship with Android 2.2 instead of leaving new customers with a (slightly) old OS, and that it would come with a keyboard and DPad. I know they're trying to capture the magic of the iPhone, but if I wanted one of those I'd have purchased it instead. Stop trying to copy the competition and start trying to improve on it! I'd say the lack of a real keyboard and DPad is my number one aprehension about paying the termination fee of $175 on my Verizon contract and upgrading. I'd even be happy with an external add-on keyboard/DPad. I guess maybe I can just use a Wii controller for games with the way things are going (although I haven't checked on the progress of that recently). Upgrading would also save about $30 a month and provide a data connection that, if solid, could replace my DSL.

And Android 2.2 is a huge deal with it's Flash support. A lot of iPhone games original were derived from Flash games and I could foresee Adobe doing something similar for the Android like they did for the iPhone just for revenge not that Apple has shunned them. And have you heard it's now supposed to have tethering built in? And hopefully it'll solve the app storage issue once and for all. I guess we'll find out next week.

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