May 26, 2010

Car Survival

Car Survival is a simple (and free, courtesy of advertising) game that is good enough to provide some quick entertainment (and frustration). In it you control a car and your car must survive for as long as possible. Right now you're probably thinking, "Whoa! This game's title is genius!!". Indeed.

Upon loading Car Survival you'll be greeted by an oval track with three choices where only one is signifcant with regard to the game and that's the "Go" button. You can also turn the audio on and listen the the hip sound track repeat how "crazy" it is. Click "Go" and your car starts accelerating counter-clockwise around the track. The lower left of the touch screen provides a method of turning that I still have not entirely figured out. You can tap the left or right arrows and turn your car a little... very little... certainly not enough to last through the first curve. You can also slide from the middle to the left or right and it appears if you slow slide you can turn more... in fact you can even spin your car around. And that's what the game is all about... getting the hang of the controls.

This is the kind of game you'll play several times. Some will persist more than others. My best time is about 18 and a half seconds. It's good, quick, and free arcade fun and definitely worth a try. 3.5 stars.

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