May 19, 2010

Crazy Party

Crazy Party is a party game (currently on sale for $.99) and who can resist a game with "65 kinds of maze.25 kinds of Party."? I haven't reviewed any party games here before so it seemed like a good choice and with what is currently a 5 star rating it has to be a winner, right? Let's take a look...

First, the game is essentially three mini-games: a match 3 game (although they call it a maze), a memory game, and whac-a-mole. In more detail:

The Match 3 (Maze??) game gives you a grid with animal pictures on it. You can pick any 2 that are orthogonally adjacent and swap them. If you get 3 of the same in a row (vertically or horizontally) then they score and dissipate.

The Memory Game puts a bunch of these same animals on a whac-a-mole field with each one being covered with a shell or nut or something. Click on two and they are revealed and if it's a match they score and go away.

Whac-a-Mole just pops moles and non-moles up and you have to touch the moles without touching the non-moles.

See what I'm getting at? These games are all insanely simplistic and are games for 10 years old (if that) and younger. I just don't see an adult getting any enjoyment out of this after playing for about a minute. That's not a bad thing... it's just written to set the expectation level for these games. Sure, they ramp up the difficulty so that it's eventually a challenge for me, but I've reached boredom way before (and after) that point is reached. It's kind of like tic-tac-toe. My daughter thinks it's interesting. I don't. And making it 4x4 to increase the challenge doesn't really do anything for me... there are better choices like Reversi for me that have similar appeal.

Professionally done these are! Very nice, sharp graphics. Great audio. Solid controls. Go ahead and get this for your child as they'll probably really like it... especially girls given the more cutesy nature of the games. Also note that there is a lite version to try if you're on the fence. 4/5 stars for a quality job that probably meets its objectives head on... it's just not for me.

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