May 18, 2010

Bunny Mania

I still remember the day when a friend invited me back to his dorm room to take a look at a new game he had for his Amiga back in the late 80s. The game was Lemmings and Bunny Mania brings that same enjoyment to the Android platform.

In Bunny Mania (don't think I'll abbreviate this one) cute, furry, stupid little bunnies drop out of a magic hat in the sky and basically wander until something such as a wall or a fall changes their direction in life. In a sense this is an early god game as you give the bunnies commands such as the traffic cop command (which causes them to stand still and act as a wall for other bunnies), or the dig command (to burrow a tunnel), or even the bomb command to blow things up. Your goal is to guide as many bunnies as possible from the beginning of the level on through and out the exit door. In a sense this is a real time puzzle game as if you don't act fast you run the risk of sending your bunnies off a cliff (and you get to hear their displeasure with that).

The game offers 50 levels of play with the first level or two being dedicated to getting you off the ground and playing. The game also includes help to explain the game which is nice. I do have a beef with it, though, as they've decided to stick advertising in the pay version and I don't like that. Of course there is no advertising during the actual game play. The game also includes basic level editing facilities and you can download levels from the Internet (and there are currently only 3 available so don't get too excited).

The graphics are fair, but it's hard to be detailed with such small objects as the bunnies. The game does have a cute audio track going for it and cute sound effects for bunnies as they fall or reach safety. As for controls, the game relies entirely on the touch screen and that works well. My only problem is that I keep wanting to click on a bunny and then an action and the game wants the opposite of that, but that's my problem and not the game's fault.

This title does a solid job of bringing that old time Lemmings experience to our favorite mobile OS. If you don't know what Lemmings is take a gander at the video below or try out the lite demo version. 4/5 stars.

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