May 23, 2010

Crusade of Destiny (Preview)

A game called Crusade of Destiny hit the Android Market today at the steep price of $5.99. I've played with it a little and will provide a full review later in the week, but so far it looks good. The game is huge weighing in at over 20 meg (which isn't that big compared to some other titles that download to the SD card), but that's to be expected if that game world is of a decent size. One oddity so far is that it's the first game that forces me to turn my device clockwise (the game uses a landscape screen view) to play versus turning it counter-clockwise (so I immediately knew Droid DPad support wasn't going to happen).

The game has a short story intro (that can be skipped when replaying) and starts you as a farmer called upon to see the town's elder as you learn to fight and move towards becoming the hero. Movement is performed with a virtual DPad on the lower left of the screen, but I think I'm coming around. Playing with the virtual DPad on this (and Hockey Nations 2010) isn't as bad as it was when I first tried one.

The game has pretty good graphics and has those extras like animated wind mills and moving horses that one would expect from a top tier game. The controls seem good too... run up to a towns person and a little bubble appears that lets you talk to them. Approach a sign and a little eye icon appears indicated you can read the sign.

The game looks to be a winner, has garnered a few 5 star reviews in the Market already, and is earning its worth as a $5.99 game. After all, it's cheaper than Pac Man when that's not on sale. In the meantime go get it or take a look at the trailer below while you wait for my full review.

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