May 4, 2010

Finger Runner

Here's a freebie to get the week started...

Having very young children and living near a Chuck E Cheeses means we go there frequently. Pizza, games, and prizes at the end... everyone's a winner! Ok, well the pizza sucks and while they know it they also know they don't have to do a thing about it... heck, they could just order some DiGiorno's and I might start eating there. As it is I stay away from the food. The games... kids love 'em. They just got this horse racing game that features an almost life size horse to ride that controls the game and while she seem content just sitting on it and letting him ride into a wall it's pretty neat... a little girl's dream come true. And my kid's love the helicopter ride. Ok, who am I kidding... I love going there for the games, too. Finally, once the hour visit is over, it's time to get prizes and winning a penny lollipop is quite the thrill for a kid.

My location has this finger race game... it draws a maze using LEDs and I have to race my finger through the maze before time expires. Success = tickets = more and better prizes! That's what Finger Runner is (without the heavy pressure of penny lollipops hanging in the balance). Currently it just offers a handful of mazes with a promise of more. It also has an option (on by default) that shows crosshairs where your finger is... good diagnostic info if nothing else. Yet this kind of game is fun and a great game for a mobile platform that relies on touch screen input. Plus, it's a simple game that you can play quickly and be done with.

The cool thing about Finger Runner, though, is some of the additions over the amusement version. First, they've added multi-level mazes and second, they've added secret doors that open when you reach a given target. At free this is a nice, little diversion... currently advertised as being in alpha... I'm looking forward to seeing the final version. Give it a try!

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