Dec 22, 2009

This Blog's Future

I started this blog just over a month ago having been quite experienced at starting new blogs, posting for a couple days, and then abandoning them. Operating a blog that offers daily updates requires quite a bit of time and dedication in addition to finances (for purchasing games and promoting the blog) and I'm happy to be able to keep it going. In the new year I am looking to expand this blog in several ways and would love to hear any feedback as to what you, the readers, feel would make it more useful. So far the plan is to:
  • Add a better index of reviews
  • Provide summaries with an awarded score (i.e. 7/10)
  • Provide direct marketplace links on all reviews for those browsing on an Android device
  • Get a logo
  • A twitter feed
The goal is to become the place to go for Android reviews. That said, the site is functioning predominantely on ad revenue right now and a new platform (I have a CMS that I'll be using) will open up advertising opportunities. Furthermore, any donations to offset costs are certainly appreciated. One again, the goal is to serve the community and if I'm flapping my fingers, but missing something that would be useful please let me know.

- Thanks, Alan

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