Dec 1, 2009

Space Physics

Space Physics from Camel Games (a publisher apparently without a website?) is a Crayon Physics knockoff for your Android device. Crayon Physics was an innovative game released several years ago that took advantage of touch screen devices such as tablet PCs by allowing you to draw on screen objects and have them "come to life". I think that was a bit blown out of proportion as demos showed cars driving and such whereas reality has the game recognizing simple shapes such as lines and circles and moving them based on their contact with other shapes.

The goal in these games is to gets your ball to move and touch the star on each level. You'll then draw things like more balls, hammers, blobs, platforms... etc that will push the main ball along until it reaches the star. You will also be timed so as you improve it becomes a race against the clock more so than whether or not you can complete the level. Later levels add things such as gears that you can draw things through and then have the gears spin... etc.

One thing Space Physics does right from a technical standpoint is it separates the level data from the game itself allowing you to install them on your SD card versus consuming your Android device's storage. This is a nice touch because device storage space is limited and for some reasons it was decided that by default all apps will install onto the device's memory. After you've installed the levels don't forget to delete that 'app' otherwise it'll continue to consume storage space.

I find these kinds of games to be enjoyable. I've only played through the first 10 or so of 80 levels and my only problem with the game is that of the touch control. I can't seem to make a simple diagonal line without some weird hooks at the end. For example, I've wanted to draw a piece to connect between two platforms with a flat part at each end to rest on the platforms and a diagonal slide for the ball to roll down. Every time I try it I get a hump at each end. Maybe it's my lack of a steady hand, but I just don't recall feeling the same with the original Crayon Physics game on the iPhone platform.

The game does offer a Lite trial version which is always appreciated and for $3 its definitely worth it. I think a level creator would be a nice touch... aside from that, more levels please.

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