Dec 22, 2009

Raging Thunder Preview

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast because, quite frankly, this game rocks. Last week this game was released along with its pretty screenshots only to do a 'Force Close' on my Droid. The developers apparently listened and listened fast, because they've addressed said issue within a week. Needless to say they got my money back.

Ok, I haven't played it for longer than about 10 minutes so far, but so far it's a beautiful, smooth car racing game with a great soundtrack and solid controls. It's certainly on par with Speed Forge 3D, but personally I like the more colorful scenery. We'll have a more complete review soon...


  1. How can I reach you? Email address?
    I'd like inivite you to review our Android game and application

  2. Hmmm... thought I had my email address on the blog. Thanks for pointing out that it's missing. I've added 'Contact Us' info to the top right.

    - Alan