Dec 29, 2009

Raging Thunder

Raging Thunder is a racing game from Polarbit that was released a few weeks ago and then updated to properly work on the Droid last week. When it appeared I fell in love with the screenshots and was sorely disappointed that it wouldn't run for me so when the update appeared I immediately gobbled it down and started playing. The game has not disappointed and Polarbit is rapidly becoming my best friend.

First the game: it's an arcade racer (and not a simulation) and uses the accelerometer to steer. The game offers several modes of play including a championship mode which plays like a story mode, four upgradable cars, and ten tracks that must be gradually unlocked. The game does allow for touch screen steering, but I much prefer tilting my phone left and right as that feels far more authentic to me. The game also features both local and Internet networked play.

Differentiating it from simulations are the arcade style of control and the power ups that you can collect while driving. Skulls and bolts will decrease/increase your blue power boost bar. Following another car will increase your yellow tackle bar. Boost is essentially a short lived speed boost helping to catch up with cars ahead of you and is activated by touching your boost bar. Tackle allows you to ram a car and force it to spin out and is activated by touching the yellow bar. Finally, when playing in championship mode there are dollar signs littering the course that are used to purchase upgrades for your car.

What can't I say about this game? The control is excellent. The graphics, sound, and audio tracks are wonderful. I love the colorful scenery. And I love all of the extra options that are tossed in such as Internet play that provide this racer with longevity. This is an outstanding racing game for the Android platform and playing it has provided for a great overall experience. I'm liking it better than Speed Forge 3D because of the controls and the more colorful scenery. I'm also pleased that there is a 'lite' version to test drive before committing to this game. So if you've been waiting for Need For Speed to become Android compatible wait no more... Raging Thunder will cure any need for speed you might have had.

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