Dec 17, 2009


FRG from Woo Games is an arcade style overhead shooter. In this game you are a robot being swarmed by countless enemies and you are simply trying to destroy them before they destroy you. The game plays smoothly enough and the music and sound effects are well done. The game features touch screen controls such that you can touch open space to move or touch an enemy to fire. The game features 3 difficulty levels and a couple different robots and weapons.

One thing that I did find difficult is that while control of the game is not a problem it is hard to see any graphic detail on my robot or the enemy hordes. They are all just a bit too small. Likewise, when moving and firing my finger sometimes gets in the way of seeing where my robot is.

I've enjoyed playing this game up to a point at which it starts to become a bit repetitive. I feel like perhaps the difficulty doesn't really ramp up quick enough and the difference between easy and hard moves didn't seem very big. Ultimately it just didn't beg me to keep playing as some games do. The game this one really reminds me of is MiniGore on the iPod Touch. Perhaps the best way to put it is that this is really more of a quick twitch arcade game where you race yourself to clear your way through hordes of enemies. What it isn't is a deep experience with a vast array of levels each containing new power-ups to help you with future baddies. I'm just too used to scouring levels for power-ups.

There is a Lite version available to try in addition to the Deluxe version which is priced at $3.00 and contains more levels, weapons, robots and an exclusive survival mode. All in all, this game offers solid arcade style game play for those with 5 minutes to spare and wanting some quick action from their Android.

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  1. Hi Alster, thanks for reviewing FRG! I definitely understand what you're saying about the game being somewhat easy and repetitive. The version of FRG you reviewed is notably easier than what was released back in August for ADC2.

    Unfortunately that was not the desired experience of most Android gamers. Based on user feedback on FRG and playing many of the existing successful Android games most people are looking for a gratifying short-term gaming experience on Android. I've slowly modified FRG to be more accessible with the introduction of auto-aim, auto-camera-panning, weaker and more frequent enemies, etc.

    Basically somebody looking for a 2 minute quick gaming fix would prefer not to be beat over the head by a difficult game. :D

    I do think that work can be done to improve the pace of the game without affecting difficulty though. As suggested by your review, a greater variety of levels and classic gaming tropes such as "scouring levels for power-ups" would make for a better gaming experience.

    Thank you for the suggestions and thank you for spending the time to check out FRG!