Dec 11, 2009

Freebie Friday III

Maybe I should make Freebie Friday and regular thing for Fridays...

Xokoban is a Sokoban clone with amazingly slow movement. It feels like it takes a minute to move a box by one square. I couldn't deal with the slowness of the game to get past the second level. Avoid if you value your time... there are better choices (hint, look at Freebie Friday II).

Lim Thye Chean released a vertical shooter, however the title uses a foreign character set so search on the name of the author instead of the game. This is a nice little shooter with solid graphics and a sharp sound track (I know I can hear some 'Axel F' in there and even perhaps some 'Welcome to the Jungle'?). Several different powerups make the game interesting for a few minutes, but quite frankly it was just too easy and repetitive for me after playing for five or so minutes. And there are no options to crank up the difficulty that I can see.

Mines, from devisnik, is a solid Minesweeper clone. Minesweeper is a logic puzzle based on a grid filled with an arbitrary number of mines. Any square that isn't a mine contains a number indicating how many mines it is adjacent to. From there you clear out the squares revealing the numbers and using logic to deduce where the mines are. Nice job on this one!

Barbie Jigsaw is a game I had downloaded for my daughter and found myself playing a little too much. It's several Barbie pictures broken into squares that need to be unscrambled. It was more entertaining than I thought it would be and someday I'll remember to show it to said daughter.

Cavedroid is a 3D take on the "guide your dude through a cave going up and down, but don't crash" genre aka SFCave which I like sooo much. 3D is a bit of a misnomer here as you're still going up/down and in summary I'd stick to SFCave. Cavedroid didn't offer nearly the thrill of the game's 2D cousin.

Graviturn is another ADC II winner and is an accelerometer based game where there's a "maze?" and you have to tilt off all of the red Os and keep all of the green Os on screen. The color coding seems backwards to me as a driver where I'd expect the green ones to have to go, but nonetheless this is still a fun, ad supported, freebie.

Pong Multi Touch is something I mentioned last weekend when I learned that Droids do support multitouch in their hardware. Pong Multi Touch is a simple adaptation of pong that requires two players playing simultaneously on one Droid. My only complaint is that it's hard to see the ball sometimes and impossible to see the paddle with my finger in the way so the precision I need to play a strong game of pong doesn't seem to be here. Still, not too bad of a demo for multitouch.

And finally, All Your Base RETRO could be a dream come true if the graphics glitches were fixed for my Droid. It's a clone of the old Sabotage game on the Apple II where planes fly overhead dropping bombs and paratroopers and you're cannon sits at the bottom, center of the screen and rotates to different angles as you shoot the intruders down. Everything plays well here except the gun is a tad to the right of the base it's supposed to be physically supported by. Despite this glitch it is still playable and a treat to have on my Android phone.

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