Dec 7, 2009

Dodge or Death - How Not to Market a Game

I saw the game Dodge or Death come through the app store on Friday night, I believe. It's an impressive example of how to not market a game. First, make sure there's no demo. Next include a description that says how great the game is. Try using the word 'addictive' if possible as no one has done that before, or in this case talk about the EASTER EGG that only the Master can obtain because don't we all want to be the Master? And naturally include that the game NEVER, EVER becomes boring... even Halo becomes boring eventually, but not "Dodge or Death". Finally, make sure to not include any screenshots, but if you're going to include screenshots, as Dodge or Death does, make sure they DO NOT show actual game play. Perhaps a screen that says "Ready?" and a screen that says the game's title will do.

In other words, make sure that if I plunk my $1.49 down on your game that I have absolutely no clue as to what I'm buying and it'll be a COMPLETE surprise because people love surprises. And you're probably wondering why you haven't cracked the 50 download mark with a game that never becomes boring?

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