Dec 30, 2009

Freebie Wednesday?

Two Fridays in a row with major holidays means it is Freebie Wednesday... let's see what we've got...

Bubble Maze is the inverse of Labyrinth where you try and get the bubble through the maze within a time limit, however bubbles float so you'll have to tilt in the opposite direction of a traditional labyrinth puzzle and watch your bubble rise to the top. I played through 5 or so mazes in this game and got bored despite the high quality of the game itself. Help promises that things would change once I hit level 13 with challenges like 2 bubbles, bubbles joining together, and even bubbles and marbles though so I'm probably just being impatient.

Lethal Racing brings the fun of a demolition derby to your Android phone. Crash your car into others and run over escaping drivers for bonus points. True mayhem. Steering works by dragging on the screen. Fun for a bit, but wears thin.

Mahjong from Magma Mobile is a well done Mahjong game with several different layouts to work your way through. For those that don't know what Mahjong is, in a nutshell there are stacks of tiles and only free tiles can be taken (those higher than surrounding ones or on the ends) and you must remove pairs until you have removed all tiles. Nicely done.

SnowBallBlow is an odd game where you must blow to move your snow ball in an effort to get it to grow while not hyperventilating. Compete with the rest of the world for the largest snow ball! The latest release allows you to use the touch screen to roll the snow ball. Cute, for a few minutes.

Spades(free) from is a solid version of the Spades card game with decent AI and many options for play style. It defaults to partner mode so for those that want to play solo make sure you adjust the game's options accordingly. And if you like Hearts (the card game), but don't know what Spades is then give it a try. It's kind of the opposite of hearts where you want to take tricks. Good game.

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