Dec 28, 2009

Mini Golf Wacky Worlds 3D

I reviewed Droid Mini Golf - PRO about 3 weeks ago and think mini golf games actually make pretty good mobile games. A round of golf is broken into holes that you don't have to complete all at once (I view mobile gaming as something done more so with fifteen minutes here and ten minutes there) and the touch screen makes for a pretty good means to control the game. Consequently, I was happy to see Glu Mobile release an Android version of their Wacky Worlds Mini Golf.

The first thing about Wacky Worlds is that is bleeds professionalism. Droid Mini Golf is pretty basic in the graphics and sound department whereas Wacky Worlds has a nice sound track, pretty 3D graphics, and those little extras like spaceships flying around in the background. The game itself is still mini golf, but Wacky Worlds 3D environment offers more things like ramps and such to deal with. Levels also feature bonus star targets that you can hit or ignore (as it may cost more strokes going after them).

The controls are very different between the two. Wacky Worlds uses the more traditional system of choosing your angle, choosing the power with which to hit the ball, and then a swing button. This is probably the biggest difference to me between the two and the only redeeming factor for Droid Mini Golf (which has you swipe the touch screen to swing at the ball). Not that I think Wacky Worlds does it poorly... just different and probably the way you're used to playing golf games.

Wacky Worlds offers three modes of play and four different courses (which must be unlocked in order to play them). One of the modes is interesting and has your course infested with gophers and you score bonuses for hitting them. Wacky Worlds also offers a nice tutorial to get you started. If I had to choose, then in all honesty this is the better of the two mini golf games with little question. It would be kind of neat if they added a swipe mode for swinging to take better advantage of the touch screen. And at $.99 I'm not going to complain about the absence of a demo... this game is a STEAL when it comes to entertainment value.

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