Apr 28, 2010

Spitfire Squadron

Spitfire Squadron is another of the countless games in the Android Market that does not include a screenshot. Usually I'm critical of that, but in this case I think it's a wise move as it certainly wouldn't sell any more copies and would have steered me away from the game. As is, the description appealed and I had visions of Ace Combat on the Playstation. Sadly, those visions died a rather quick death.

First off, after downloading this $2 Netmite title I then had to download the J2ME Runner app they offer in order to run this game. Now, there's no charge for that, but it should tell you that the game is going to be a quick port from other, less capable phones. Once I was ready to go I got the title screen up with some music and had to figure out the controls. If you have a DPad in portrait mode that will work, but in landscape mode the screen becomes distorted (but it does still work). You can also swipe and double tap the touch screen to simulate the DPad to take control of the menu and the game.

The game launches your plane from an aircraft carrier in top down view as pictured (the screenshot is from another device, but is accurate) and essentially you'll be headed in one of the standard 8 directions featured on a DPad autofiring away and trying to shoot the enemy planes down before they get you. That's the game. And after the intro music the game basically plays in mute mode the entire time.

The only intriguing thing here is how Netmite has created their J2ME Runner so that Android owners can share in all of the free, second rate J2ME games available. And second rate isn't necessarily bad if you're talking about something like Battleship or Snake. However, at $2 your money is better spent elsewhere. Oh, and if you're looking for Ace Combat then check out Polarbit's Armageddon Squadron. As for Spitfire Squadron I give it 2/5 stars and use Netmite as a prime example of how quantity is not better than quality.

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