Apr 3, 2010


CastleGuard2 is a first person role-playing game. It went free today as the developer is working through some issues so I recommend downloading it just so that you are flagged as owning the game in the event that it becomes good. As of now it's more of a technical demo... or is it? I can't really tell for sure given the unmentioned bugs in it. Nonetheless, the developer does promise great things to come.

The game uses the Shiva 3D graphics engine. Why should you care? You shouldn't... it's not like it's the well known Unreal engine. And it's only half done, and half potential right now, but as one of my CompSci professors once said, "A program that isn't done is chicken scratchings". There's no 60%, 80%... if your sort doesn't 100% work it's not a sort. In this case, the engine looks good, but allows me to walk through benches... walk to the bottom of a pool of water (and the water disappears as it's a planar layer on top)... slide down hills, paths, and so on making it hard to stand still in some areas... and not open doors. And then the game itself isn't complete. I don't really understand how to use my sword and bow although I did kill a skeleton once... I also don't see how to talk to people (they just bow or wave their weapon)...

It's clear this is more of a tech demo than a game and it certainly shows promise. I just can't believe I almost paid for it. I hope it reaches its potential and it's there and I'd love to see a good 3D RPG on my Droid, but until then it's just chicken scratchings. My rating: wait and see.

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