Apr 29, 2010

Flash Support

I just read Steve Job's memo with respect to the Adobe and Apple pissing war that is going on right now in which he tries to educate and elighten those that think this is entirely a power play. Click on the header for this article to read it yourself (although you'll have to scroll down a bit as the Nasdaq website apparently doesn't work right and hasn't for awhile).

In this article he claims
  • Flash is 100% proprietary
  • Flash's video format drains battery life at roughly 2x the speed of H.264 decoded in hardware
  • Flash is not secure
  • Flash is unstable (and is the #1 reason Macs crash)
  • Flash apps are written for desktop PCs with a mouse and not for touch based mobile devices (i.e. rollovers don't work on a touch device)
  • Adobe is slow to update Flash
Ok, suppose all of this is true (and much of it is)... so what? Apple sounds like government... they want to dictate how I use my stuff for me? Thanks, Apple, for looking out for me, but I don't need nor want your protection. If I do I know where to go. There are many game apps in the Apple AppStore that make me wish I had an iPhone, but these memos bring me back around to why I don't. Thanks for the reminder, Steve!

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