Apr 2, 2010

Disappearing Software

The great game mentioned at the end of my last post is the 3D FPS shooter called Aliens by Vladimir Silva. I purchased it last night for $4.99 and it does a lot of stuff right. So I got ready to write my review this evening and I can't find this game in the Android Market anymore. It's not in my Download section... searching for "Aliens" and "Vladimir Silva" can't locate it... and even scrolling back through the past couple of days releases reveals nothing. Did the game get pulled? I don't know. But I don't want to review something that isn't available so I'll wait and see what I can find out...

In the meantime it might be worth downloading 'CastleGuard2'. The author has made it free (almost bought it last night) until he can solve some issues with it. The game looks to have promise so get it while it's hot! I'll be reviewing it shortly (and then deleting it because it's 23MB and I'll need to do so to try anything else...).

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