Apr 5, 2010

Demon King

It seemed appropriate and time saving to review Demon King right after Aliens. Both are 3D FPS games from 3D Studio, both presumably use the same 3D graphics engine, and both cost $4.99. The only real difference is the content and while it's a worthwhile change and I prefer this game over Aliens (as I'm a sucker for fantasy settings) I have to also say that I wouldn't buy both unless I completed one of them.

Here's a handy keyboard reference chart:
Key PressAction
A and ZLook up/down
, and .Strafe left/right
/Change weapon
Space or DPad centerJump
TType (codes?)
DPad directionsMove

The environment in Demon King is also a bit brighter and easier to see (although you'd never know that from the screenshot). I'd be curious to know why the screenshots in the Android Market are in portrait mode when the game plays in landscape more.

For more info read the Aliens review right after this as everything else (good or bad) applies the same here. 5/5 stars. Anyone know if these guys (3D Studio) have a website?


  1. These "nice" guys basically stole the Quake 1 source code which is under a GPL license and not to be used for commercial projects. I guess they will hear from Id software's new owner pretty soon.

  2. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you here, but can you document that? I searched, admittedly not very hard, and couldn't find anything.

    In the meantime that doesn't take away from the fact that this is a well done game.