Apr 13, 2010

My Paper Plane

I wanted to write about Joyland Bounce today which looks to be a very well done 'platformer' of sorts with some interesting twists one of which is you can flip your phone upside down and your orange blob drops from top to bottom. However, the game has a fatal flaw and that's that it doesn't work. After playing for a bit (or even sometimes when first starting) the screen goes haywire. I've emailed the developer about it as I am a paying customer and two days have gone by without a response so we'll see how that goes...

My Paper Plane is from Wavecade, the same company that brought us Pokanoid Deluxe. It's a freebie so don't expect much depth, but there's potential here for something bigger if the developer is so inclined. And it's still an enjoyable diversion as is.

In My Paper Plane you are indeed a paper airplane and your objective is to glide around and pickup blue cubes. Each blue cube provides points and boost to fly high once again. You also get 1-3 boost 'charges' at the start of the game based on your difficulty level.

The courses range in difficulty with the basic ones just having a few cubes scattered about all the way to the advanced ones having moving platforms. The graphics are nice and smooth, but the audio is pretty basic. Control of your airplane consists of tilting your phone back and forth and works very well. Three difficulty levels are available and while there's not much in the way of help it appears the chosen difficulty level affects the number of boosts you start with and your starting level. If this game had more to it and perhaps an audio track it could easily be a 5/5 star game and certainly worth a buck or more. As is it's a free 4/5 game that beats many $1 games and is certainly worth a look. My hope is that it's fleshed out into something more substantial even dropping the paper airplane concept into something more of a Pilot Wings as the engine seems to already be here.

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