Apr 6, 2010

Fire Helicopter

Fire Helicopter is from Psym Mobile. At first the publisher's name didn't look familiar, but this is the same company that brought us Abduction! World Attack and Gem Miner: Dig Deeper after a name change. Abduction! World Attack was one of my first game purchases so it was nice to see these guys (or this guy) continuing their support of the Android platform.

In Fire Helicopter you are a helicopter putting out a raging forest fire. You start off at your base with a full load of water and press the throttle (lower right of the touch screen) to rise and release it to fall much like in SFCave and tilt your phone left/right to move in the corresponding direction. You'll need to monitor your fuel gauge, though. When you approach an area of forest fire press the water button to begin dousing it until you deplete your water supply or extinguish the fire. Refilling on water can be done by returning to base or hovering over a body of water and sucking it right out of the lake. A refill on fuel can only be had at your home base.

The graphics are decent and very much in the style of this developer with similar shades of blue and green as is used in their other games. That's not good or bad... What is sadly lacking is any sort of audio. A good whirring helicopter blade, raging fire, and splashing water would really add to this game's atmosphere. The game features three difficulty levels and once you've put out the first you'll receive a grade (aka score) and the game is over. It would be nice if the difficulty ramped up until I couldn't handle it instead as the game is over very quickly.

The game is free and is ad supported. The fun factor is there and I've enjoyed playing this little title as well as this developer's other titles. The game would be a 4 star title with good audio and longer game play and the potential is there. Here's hoping... 3.5/5 stars.

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