Apr 8, 2010

Paper Toss

I've reviewed a couple "flick stuff at a target" games and all have left my Droid rather quickly. Here's an old favorite from my iPod Touch that is here to stay. Paper Toss from Backflip Studios is good, clean, simple fun. Essentially it hearkens back to a boring day at the office in which tossing a ball of crumpled up paper serves as the entertainment du jour. Add a fan to the mix that blows at varying speeds and we've got ourselves a game that involves more than flicking in a straight line up the screen. Sure you get better knowing where the flick when the fan is blowing at a speed of 4.96 versus 1.34, but with two decimal points to play with there is plenty of opportunity to miss... and you will miss.

The game offers 3 difficulty levels and adds three locations in which to play (for what really amounts to six difficulty levels), has decent graphics and sound effects that really fit the mood whether you're playing at the office, at the airport, or in the rest room. It's addictive... it's fun... and, oh yeah, did I mention free (ad supported)? Download this one right away and start wasting time with the rest of us (perferably while at work so as to maintain the right atmosphere). This one is a clear 5/5 stars!

If you're not sold check out the video (from the iPhone version), but if you're not sold on a great game that's free then the video probably won't really matter, will it?

1 comment:

  1. Wow! HIGHLY addictive :S
    Got this after reding your review, played for a few minutes and noticed my laptop screen going to standby (which it does after one hour :D )