Aug 27, 2010

Panzer Panic 1.1

Handy Game's Panzer Panic was reviewed back in January. It quickly became one of my favorite games on my Droid and is among very few that, once installed, continuously made the cut whenever I had to dump games to free up memory so that I could try out new games. Today, roughly 8 months later, an update has finally been released.

The big change in the game seems to be that, in solo mode, instead of your tanks being on the left and the enemy on the right the your tanks are in the middle and the enemy comes from all directions. Little arrows point the way to encroaching tanks. The game may also have added some powerups as I got a 'speed boost' powerup in my first play after the update and I don't remember anything other than 'new tank' and 'repair' powerups from before. I'm not sure I think this is a huge change... it did make the game a tad easier as on my first play I made it to level 10 and I think my previous high, after countless plays, was level 8. The game is still a 5/5 for me although I admit sometimes the controls can be frustrating as the twitch nature of the game make touches that don't have the desired effect not good.

The other biggie, and I was surprised by this, is that it DOES let me move the app to the SD card now saving about 4.5 meg of space from the phone's internal memory. I'm surprised HandyGames can't be bothered to post what this update is all about... especially the latter feature as, unlike with new game installs, you do have to manually choose to move the game to the SD card.

HandyGames makes some great games and has consistently high quality from infeCCT to IQ Knights and they're back on my radar with some other Android releases that I was unaware of until recently. There are so many great Android games coming out that it's hard to keep up. My biggest problem with Handy has been that once a game is released they rarely update it. Could this update be a sign of change?

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