Aug 27, 2010

Current Games On Sale

Several noteworthy game sales going on...

Shopper's Paradise (25% off) [Awesome Android Apps] - $2.99
XGalaxy 2 [Design2Code] - $1.29
Backbreaker Football (50% off) [NautralMotionGames Ltd] - $1.49
The Movie Game [UMAI Development] - .99 Pounds or about $1.60
Critical Altitude 3D ($2 off) [Burning Bear Development] - $.99
Super Boom Boom [GAMEVIL Inc.] - $.99

Hungry Shark (reviewed this past week) is also on sale, but I can't see for how much. I've already bought it and the current Market software won't show me prices on purchased apps.


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  2. Hungry Shark is £0.99