Feb 2, 2010


As stated in the past, I'm tired of reviewing puzzle games on the Android platform because that genre is overrun. InfcCCt is a puzzle game from the same company that brought us Panzer Panic (one of the few Android games that still gets played on a regular basis such as last night) and was pointed out to me by one of my readers (thank you!). Given that I'm reviewing it you can guess that I like this game...

But first, what is it called? On my Droid, on Handy Game's website, and on the title screen it is called infeCCT so why in the Android Market is it called Snake infeCCt? Just an observation...

The game itself is simple and is a kind of maze game. You have a start point, a grid of spaces that might be empty or covered, and you have to navigate from the start space touching each empty space exactly once. The game has 300 levels and the first many are good confidence builders as they're very easy, but the game does get harder as the grids grow in size and new types of spaces are introduces such as a cross space that must be crossed twice.

The game has excellent graphics for a puzzle game and a nice, relaxing sound track that is probably a factor in me wanting to keep playing. The game's advertising compares it to Sudoku, and quite bluntly that is ridiculous. Sudoku is a puzzle where you apply logic to narrow down a cell's content to one possibility... this is a look ahead, maze game. The two are very different so if you like Sudoku I make no guarantees that you'll like this and vice versa. Ultimately, however, this game is a beauty and I'm happy to have it as a part of my collection!

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  1. My poor little Droid Eris was recently updated to 2.1 and I can now, finally, find this game in the Marketplace along with some other MIA apps (Heli Rescue, Flight Frenzy, Drop7). I was a bit shocked to see the file size of 17 MB, though, so I'm still debating whether to make room for it.