Aug 23, 2010

PRESS RELEASE - Wattpad Adds New Features to eReader Android App

Edit: This being a gaming blog I was most interested in the second sentence in this press release. I really believe that within 2 years (maybe sooner) the Android will surpass the iPhone with respect to game development unless Apple makes some serious policy changes regarding openness. I suspect they'll be too arrogant to do the latter in time to 'save' themselves.

Wattpad, the world’s largest ebook community, has recently updated its Android App. In the last quarter, the Android was the fastest growing app for Wattpad, surpassing both iPhone/iPad/iPod and BlackBerry downloads.

With the launch of several Android tablets as well as the growing number of Wattpad users who use Android devices to share and read original fiction, Wattpad continues to focus on this area of growth and has added several new features.

Writers and readers can save any story for off line reading, access new categories of select content and view ebooks in a wider range of styles. The Wattpad community can take advantage of all the social networking capabilities that connect readers with their favorite authors.

“Wattpad has already firmly established itself as one of the leading ebook apps for all mobile devices, including iPhone and BlackBerry,” explains Allen Lau, CEO and co-founder of Wattpad. “As readers continue to utilize their mobile devices not only to connect with friends but to read fiction, the Wattpad Android app combines these capabilities, providing a reading experience that is uniquely adapted for Android users.”

The Wattpad Android App has been optimized for tablet display, for a richer ereading experience. The app works on all Android devices including the Archos 5 Internet tablet, as well as Verizon’s Motorola Droid X, Sprint’s HTC EVO™ 4G and the Google Nexus One.


  1. Hmmm... have you looked at

    To say that it is "one of the leading ebook apps for all mobile devices" strikes me as unlikely, if not completely outrageous.

  2. As stated, that was a press release and line 2 was of the most interest to me. I did change the title to reflect that it's a Press Release (aka advertisement) just in case there's any confusion.

    Your comment reminds me of my Atari days... I was advertising in Antic Magazine and asked how each of the two major Atari computer magazines can claims to be "The #1 Atari Computer Magazine". Answer? Anyone can claim whatever they want when it's subjective like that.

    Oh, and did I mention that I'm "The #1 Human Being (Alive or Dead)"?

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