Aug 17, 2010


iBomber is a port of the iPhone version of the game that the developer proudly proclaims as having over 2 million downloads. So, if you're interested in this game make sure you have an iPhone/iPod Touch first because the Android version is horrible. It's as if the developer feels that we should be grateful to have a few table scraps to play with. We know better, though... there are many, great games available for our device of choice.

First, I found it amusing that the instructions in the intro tutorial read:

"The plane always moves at the same speed. Touch the screen to move faster."

What?? If it always moves at the same speed then.... ??? And it's this kind of care that was given to the entire port bar perhaps the nice musical score that accompanies the game.

The graphics are jerky, the controls aren't very good, and it's just not the same, fun game that I enjoy on my iPod Touch. In fact, I'd say that the comment about 2 million downloads as if this is the same, quality title is downright deceptive given how poor this port is. 1/5 stars and a half @ssed review for a half @ssed game. And at a price of over US $4 this is just plain highway robbery. Stay away!

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