Aug 4, 2010

Game News

How about some bulk game news, today?

First we've got FastFoot-Challenge (trailer above). It uses your phone's GPS to create a real world game where a player (Player X) has to avoid 2-6 other players for 25-60 minutes. The other players (called Runners) get an update of Player X's location every 6 minutes and can voice chat as they use team work for find Player X. The press release is here. (And it appears to be free)

Next, we have Don't Forget the Lyrics... a new rhythm game that has you following the bouncing ball to tap your way through songs and filling in the missing words in a game show format (it's based on a game show hosted by comedian Wayne Brady whom I've not heard of). I also can't seem to find it in the Market, yet, so I presume it's "coming soon".

You want more? How about Wonton Drop (pictured on the right) which is a game designed by a couple (he does the coding... she does the artwork) from Vancouver, BC. This is their first game and it's a bit of a Kaboom! style game... wontons are falling and you have to catch them in the pot, but watch out for the falling Android robots... catch them and you'll lose a life. It's their first crack at a game and they are looking for feedback. I tried it and one thing I liked was the scoring... a point for every catch and minus a point for every miss. My first score was 37. Oh, and it, too, is free.

I'll be at Gen Con in Indianapolis for the next few days... hopefully I'll be able to sneak a review in here and there during the trip.

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  1. Wayne Brady featured frequently in the American version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? which used to be on Five USA all the time in the UK, but I haven't seen it for a while.