Aug 12, 2010

New Pet Peeve

My old pet peeve was waiting in lines and/or traffic.

My new pet peeve is Android Market games that use the name of a highly successful game in order to attract attention to an app that is a piece of crap. Today I saw Civilization and Pitfall, among others, and my intuition tells me that 3 seconds of my time is too high a cost for these.

This all made me wonder... Apple could, as a strategy, as dishonest as it may be, hire these people to pollute the Android Market with this waste in a solid effort to discredit its usefulness. I don't honestly think that's happening, but I do believe these people do the latter. There really needs to be a way to block certain developers so that I don't have to see their junk on my Android.


  1. As much as it pains me to say this, there needs to be a review process like Apple has. But definitely not as strict!

    They just need to filter out the completely junk apps that distract from actual useful ones.

  2. But Google is all about automation... there's no way they'll pay a staff to screen the market. However, they probably would be willing to provide us with tools to help with the experience... anything to avoid paying another salary (despite the fact that they collect the same 30% fee on all app sales).