Jul 20, 2011

Doodle Fit

Doodle Fit combines the overdone 'doodle' style of graphics with the well represented 'fit the pieces together' style of puzzle. Couple that with a lot of polish and we've got a nice little game on our hands.

Simple as pie... Doodle Fit is basically a tangram style of puzzle where you place tetris shaped object onto the predesigned pattern in attempt to exactly (no more, no less) cover all of its component squares once. As you can see in the screen shoot, there are several pieces below the puzzle and you can easily drag them to place them on the above shape. As you drag the game helpfully shades the squares that would be occupied by the piece if was dropped at the current location. Likewise, you can easily drag pieces off of the puzzle if you wish to start again.

Graphically the game is basic, but pleasing. It uses different colors to avoid a monotonous black and white look. And I believe its audio plays a major role in setting it over the top for me. In fact, last week I was at my doctor's office getting my blood pressure checked. I know I get white coat hypertension and I didn't want any problems so I turned to the game infeCCt primarily because of its calming sound track. I'm not sure Doodle Fit's soundtrack is calming... actually I'd say it makes me want to keep going. And the controls... they worked very well and I never had any problems getting that perfect placement. Plus, the game worked perfectly on both my tablet and my phone.

qrcodeAt first thought, I thought it was the audio that made this rehash of old gaming concepts a standout, but actually I think it's the smooth puzzle progression that really puts it over the top. The early levels are pretty easy with an occasional stumper. Then, as the game gets going, I can feel my brain at work. It's not all trial and error, but basic logic that tells me a given piece can't go in a given place. Typically I find myself working with the biggest piece first as often then can only fit in a handful of spots. From there I can eliminate spots based on not having the part to fill in the gaps. All in all, progression is very smooth and the game makes me want to play it.

Doodle Fit is available in both a free, trial version and a full version that costs a whole $1.50 (actually less). Obviously I'm hot for it. I also love the board game Ubongo and this is just like a solo version of that game. If spacial puzzle games are your thing then this one is a winner. If you're not sure then I'd recommend you still give it a try. This one is both simple and good. 4.5/5 stars.

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