Jul 5, 2011

Death Worm is on sale for $.99 (Updated)

Down from $2.99 to $.99, Death Worm is having a 67% off sale. In a nutshell, you are the Death Worm and you slither (and fly) about consuming and destroying everything in sight. The game garners quite good feedback in the Android Market and looks like a steal at this price.

I actually got a chance to try it out for myself this afternoon. It's a cute, fast paced game where you use the on screen joypad to control your worm and try to consume the surface dwellers and, as you progress, you effectively level up with things such as tougher skin and a larger, faster worm. My only question mark is with respect to challenge... I seem to be able to slither and pillage all I want with little consequence. It's nicely done and easily work a buck, but I'm questioning the 'game' part of it.

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