Jul 4, 2011

All Mighty RTS July 4 Sale

Just a quick note that while Apple owners rejoice with countless sales that we Android owners seem to be all too often overlooked when it comes to holiday sales.

However, the All Mighty RTS is on sale for $0.99. Not a huge deal given that the game is normally just $1.49, but it's more than GameLoft or EA did for us while their 99 cent deals abound on the 'other side'. There's also a free version so that you can give it a whirl at no cost to you.

Happy 4th! Which reminds me of a story... my parents are British and at work one of my Mom's coworkers seriously asked "Do they celebrate the 4th in England like we do here in America?". "No, no... its not quite the same big deal over there", she replied...

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