Feb 17, 2010

What's Up?

I've been spending a bit less time doing Android game reviews lately and just wanted to post about what's going on...
  • First, my hope that this blog would make me independently wealthy through people clicking on ads hasn't happened. Generally my hope is to make about a penny per visitor and that's become more like a third of a cent if that... which isn't even enough to pay for the games I review. And, as stated, my goal is to keep paying so that I don't have to worry about handing out good reviews to anyone in particular.
  • Second, because of that I've had to put a lot more time into the business that actually puts food on the table which is a product called CompuAgent. It's a web content management system that we initially used for doing real estate websites (our primary market), but is starting to grow beyond that. It will also soon be used to host this site.
  • And third, my wife's grandmother passed away late last week at the age of 92.
Thanks for everyone's continued support,


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