Feb 22, 2010

From Below

I saw this game on the Market today and it had zombies in it and they're running a promotion on it at the low price of $.99. Furthermore, it is Droid only so surely it must be good by taking advantage of all of the things that make a Droid great? Wrong.

Upon first running this game it immediately crashed on me. Oh, boy! So being the diligent reviewer that I am I tried again and it worked. Go figure. The main screen uses the camera to display your surroundings in the background so I thought maybe that was going to be used in the game. Nope. I guess the developer was just showing off that he could access the camera hardware. Click on the menu button and choose 'Fight Zombies' and you're then treated to a menu of options... a slowly performing menu of options. I selected the default and it's off to the snore fest.

I can tilt my phone back and forth and use my radar to find the zombies and click on them to shoot and hopefully kill them. The background is bland and devoid of personality. The zombies aren't much better. And other than the gun that sounds like a snare drum there's not much in the way of sound.

I don't know why the developer is doing a promotion. Perhaps it's an "I'm sick of coding this game and want to make some money off of it" promotion. Never mind $.99... this isn't worth the space it consumes on my phone. Back to playing iDemolished... blowing up stuff is really fun!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to review our game! Sorry for the crash we have had very stable performance on the Motorola Droid, I am surprise it crashed for you.

    The camera is used for the Augmented Reality mode of the game. This mode allows the player to interact with the zombies by running away from them. It is still a work in progress and does require the user to play outside and have a GPS fix. As for the menus and backgrounds, expect to see future updates with improvements. The intensity and weapons improve as you move from level to level while playing with accelerometer or digital compass controls.


  2. I would like to see this game succeed! A game where your outside and look through your phone and you see the background as the camera picks it up but you have the animated Zombies walking toward you as if your surrounded! GOOOOO! Running and shooting your way in a 360 degree death trap!!! Sybergato@yahoo.com HIt me up when you get it there! I"m down and will pay a buck for a clean great version!